Sustainability aims to efficiently use our resources for the benefit of our company and society.
This means that we fulfill all the present needs without compromising future ones.
We cannot keep using the present resources and materials at the same level as what is left will not be sufficient for future generations. So, we invest in the application of technologies, products, and above all, the individuals required for the achievement of sustainable development in a convenient and healthy work environment, and job justice to improve the environmental and societal conditions.
We believe in Sustainable Business; that consistently generates profit at reasonable growth rates by supplying products and services exceeding the customer’s expectations at the lowest possible costs to improve environmental and societal conditions.

Sadko Plast has taken actual actions in the form of a sustainability work plan:

  • • About 20% of electricity has been cut off by replacing old machines with new ones, with built-in inverters that save electricity energy.
  •  Reducing the use of plastic raw material by creating innovative package designs.
  • Manufacturing Multi-layer jerry cans of three layers and using mid-layer recycled materials after the client’s agreement.               
  • Using eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bags for packing all our products.                 
  • Training the youth and university students to foster scientific thinking and helping them acquire professional life and experience and implement academic studies inside our company.
  • Upon our partnership with Nile University in Egypt, it is available now to manufacture plastic materials of eco-friendly soil dissolved organic derivatives.


Sadko plast seeks to participate in the development and environmental conservation programs to help leave a better planet for future generations.

Learn about our steps towards achieving sustainability goals:


Quality Education

  • A cooperation protocol was signed with the Plastics Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EPEMA) to train final-year students of the Industrial Plastics School in October.
  • Sadko educates its employees on various aspects of sustainability. They can be organized as practical tips for their daily lives. We make sure employees are aware of the importance of turning off taps, repairing leaks, installing best practice water conservation techniques, and using new systems in order to save water.
  • All workers acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, and environmental and societal responsibility.
  • Sadko plast and Sadko academy provide an inclusive effective learning environment for all people regardless of their race, gender, disabilities, or religion.
  • Sadko Academy creates community awareness for sustainable living by creating sustainability workshops.


Gender Equality

  • Sadko Invests in training and workshops for all employees, to make it possible for them to have the qualifications necessary for professional development.
  • Promote policy against unfair hiring and recruitment practices. For example, recruitment based on gender, race, or nationality.
  • Provide a favorable working environment. Ensure the safety of employees at work.
  • Sadko plast promotes the empowerment of females.


Clean water & Sanitation

  • Sadko Plast promotes and implements exceptional sanitation and hygiene standards in its manufacturing process.
  • Sadko Plast reduces its wastewater by implementing advanced process optimization techniques, creating awareness, and setting up practices for all employees.
  • Recycling and reusing grey water is one of Sadko Plast’s future goals.
  • It is strengthening the participation of all workers to maintain our sanitation and hygiene standards.
  •  implementing closed loops in the process, no water will be released into the environment to cause any harm. Moreover, all the water released into the sewage canals is treated according to the standards set by the government.
  • An integrated hygienic department for blowing has been established


Innovation and industry

  • Sadko is investing in innovation that will help to make progress affordable for everyone.
  • Sadko Plast helps to reduce the cost and make it possible for less developing countries to adopt.
  • Sadko Plast is contributing to developing and deploying products, services, and business models to deliver sustainable and resilient infrastructure.
  • Increase our resource use efficiency for example reduction of electricity usage and eliminating machines that require high electrical power
  • Creating an R&D department to research PLA resin, a biobased and bio-compostable plastic to replace PP and PE.
  • Visiting cop-27 to share our findings but to also learn more from our peers.


Reduced Inequality

  • Equal opportunities are provided to all. Sadko Plast succeeded in eliminating all laws and practices of intolerance and racial discrimination. Only appropriate and fair laws and policies are applied at Sadko Plast.
  • Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequality of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies, and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies, and procedures in this regard.


Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Sadko Plast is looking for the most efficient way to expand its product liability, product collection and reuse.
  • Sadko Plast has updated its technology with environmentally friendly options to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. By implementing closed loops in the process, no water will be released into the environment to cause any harm. Moreover, all the water released into the sewage canals is treated according to the standards set by the government.
  • Sadko Plast aims to achieve sustainable management and reliance on renewable energy sources.
  • Sadko Plast aims to adopt sustainable solutions and operating methodology. By adopting sustainable solutions, sustainability will be integrated and a prominent part of Sadko Plast’s reporting cycle.


Climate stuff

  • Sadko Plast has created sessions to raise awareness about sustainable ways of living within the factory and within the Egyptian community. Through adaptation, Sadko Plast has been setting a good example of applied sustainbility


Partnerships for the Goals

  • Partnership with Raqi, and Al-Azhar University in research and development to work on new environmentally friendly projects.



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