Sadko was established in Egypt by Eng. Sadek Ghabbour in 1986. It specialized and pioneered in home appliances. Sadko Plast, affiliated to Sadko Group, was established in 10th of Ramadan city in 1992. It is now owned by Mrs. Hadia Ghabbour and the chairman is Mr. Ashraf Mounir.

In 1993

Sadko Plast launched its industrial production with the blow plastic enclosures. Sadko has improved their productivity so considerably that in 1999 they could make another great achievement. Instead of white cheese tins, Sadko was able to produce square injected plastic boxes with varied sizes 12, 14 and 20 liters.

In 2009

In-Mold Labelling technology (IML) was applied to the production of blow-molded 4-5-liter-jerry cans. Such technology is quite applied by leading Egyptian companies to ensure their products are never counterfeited.

In 2015

Sadko Plast strikingly set off to new horizons and created a real impact in the Egyptian market. A comprehensive administrative restructuring process was made including the technology of enclosures production. All round enclosures were manufactured with premium quality and in varied sizes: 1-3-4-5-10-13-17 Liter to serve all food industry sectors. Hence, it has become one of the major companies in Egypt, trusted by all international companies as well as the local companies that reliably use our enclosures for their exports.

In 2018

Sadko Plast set a strategic plan grounded on sustainable development and producing environmentally friendly enclosures and products. The technology of multilayer blow jerry cans 16-, 18- and 20-liter size was developed. In agreement with the client’s, recycled materials were also used in the middle layer for specific products. It has then become the first Egyptian company using such a technology in the field of manufacturing large jerry cans as well as using environmentally- friendly biodegradable plastic bags in packing all company products.

Our Certificates

Our Vision

To become the most leading and influential Egyptian company in 2030 by providing environmentally friendly products with outstanding quality that could be promoted in the leading marketplaces around the globe and creating a positive impact on the future of our staff, our country, and the environment.

Our Mission


To support the basic pillars of sustainable development including the environment, people and economy, we seek to:

  • Provide environmentally – friendly products and premium plastic packages with outstanding quality that exceeds our customers’ requirements in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Supply the best prices while following the safest industrial techniques according to all environmental standards to satisfy our customers.
  • Rationalize energy consumption and preserve natural resources.
  • Adhere to the values and culture of all communities we work with.


Our core values that guide our decisions and attitudes can be summarized in “Give credit where credit is due”

Integrity, Honesty and Trust

are all the foundations on which we deal with each other inside the company and with the outside parties such as the customers, suppliers, banks, and so on.

Team work and collaboration

Everyone supports others so we can “achieve more goals with less giving through cooperation that duplicate human energy and efficiency”. In addition, every member in the team can take part in administrative decisions and take the responsibility of supplying outstanding quality products and services in no time.

Continuous improvement and creativity

We all constantly try to achieve the best and develop our work performance through new techniques. Every individual member forms the ground source of creative ideas and is concerned with the constant improvement of company departments.

Motivation and achievement

As we believe in the significant role of motivation in increasing individual performance and productivity in different fields and activities, we apply moral and financial motivational methods suitable for the individual within the company. We also find achievement indicators to measure improvement level of company performance to meet the target strategic goals.

To obey the laws

Adherence to the state’s laws and legislation, as well as the agreed principles and standards 

Achieving justice

Apply the principle of organizational justice inside the company.

Sadko Academy for Training & Instruction

To instruct and train the youth in scientific thinking and professional performance as well as help them act professionally in the work market.

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us




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Open Hours

Sun – Thu
8 AM – 4 PM


Industrial zone A1, Plot IXM, 10th of Ramadan city, Egypt.