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Quality First: How to Choose High-Quality Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging plays a critical role in protecting products from damage and ensuring that they reach the consumer in good condition. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality plastic packaging. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of...

The strategic role of packaging

packaging plays a critical role in the success of a product. A product's packaging can be used to target a specific demographic, create an emotional connection with customers, and even increase brand loyalty. Through effective packaging, a business can create a...

Unlock the Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Package Design: Consider These Essential Factors!

When designing packages, there are several factors to consider, such as cost, size, materials, design, sustainability, and protection. Cost is an essential factor as it will determine how much the package will be sold for. Size is also important as it will affect how...

History and development of packaging

Al-Farhati (1999) divided the history of packaging into three parts: The ancient history of packaging Al-Farhati (1999) stated that the first man in the  Paleolithic period used many natural containers to preserve and store food in cavities and trunks of trees,...

What is COP27 and why is it important?

What is COP27? United Nations (UN) climate summits are held every year, for governments to agree on steps to limit global temperature rises. They are referred to as COPs, which stands for “Conference of the Parties”. The parties are the attending countries that signed...

Why ISO Standards Are Important in the Packaging Industry?

ISO standards are internationally recognized specifications for products, services, and systems. They are put in place to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency, so they are clearly crucial to the packaging industry. In this article, we’ll look at which ISO standards...

Sadko Plast’s Commitment to Sustainability


Sadko Plast is taking concrete steps to reduce its environmental impact. These steps include:


      • Replacing old machines with new, more efficient models that consume less energy.  we replaced most of old machines with new, more efficient models. This resulted in a 20% reduction in energy consumption, which is equivalent to 1.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. This is enough to power more than 100 homes for a year.
      • Using recycled materials in the second layer of multi-layer jerrycans, with customer consent. Sadko Plast began using recycled materials in the second layer of multi-layer jerrycans. This has helped to save 30% of virgin plastic. 
      • Collaborating with organizations and customers who share our vision for a more sustainable future.  We collaborates with a variety of organizations who share our vision for a more sustainable future. includes collaborating with EPEMA to train final-year students at the Industrial Plastics School.
      • Designing packaging to be as lightweight as possible, whenever possible. Sadko Plast strives to design packaging to be as lightweight as possible, in order to reduce energy consumption & raw plastic materials. 
      • Using biodegradable plastic bags to pack all of our products. Sadko Plast uses biodegradable plastic bags to pack all of its products. These bags are made from materials that are biodegradable

Sustainability Goals Sadko Plast is also working to achieve the following sustainability goals:

      • Reduce energy consumption by 20%.
      • Reduce the use of virgin plastic materials by 15%.
      • Manufacture 100% biodegradable plastic products.
      • Invest in research and development for new sustainable technologies.

 Sadko Plast believes that taking these steps, can make a positive contribution to the environment


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